128: 8 Cubicle Coping Tips

Since I evicted Bitter Betty, I have been looking for ways to fill the void.  While it may sound crazy, bitter betty took up residence in my cubicle.  In order to keep her out, I needed to find something to take her place.  If you are in the same situation and are trying to embrace…

127: Getting to the Promised Land

A few weeks ago, I talked briefly about the transformation I had from a Bitter Betty.  And as I continue on this journey, I am learning some valuable lessons.  The one lesson that stands out is the fact that you can't take the old you into the promised land. In order to get to the promised land,…

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  • My Top Cubicle Coping Resources 09/19/2016
    A whopping 87% of American workers are unengaged.  This means the majority of employees that show up for work, really don’t want to be there.  This struggle can be really tough, especially for those of us who are committed to escaping cubicle captivity.  However, walking around bitter about your situation does nothing to change it.  So […]
    Shimeka Williams
  • What I learned from my failed challenge 08/01/2016
    Since the beginning of the year, if not earlier – I’ve had the desire to do a money making challenge.  I know how important it is to generate revenue as a side hustler and know that making money is a hot topic.  I put it off for several months while I focused on other content.  However, […]
    Shimeka Williams
  • How to Grow Your Home-Based Business with Pokemon Go 07/17/2016
    This game is barely 2 weeks old and Pokemon Go has taken the world by storm.  When I first heard about it, my first thought was “I don’t have time for this.”.  My next thought was “How can I make money with this?”  So before you pass judgment on the latest fad, take a moment […]
    Shimeka Williams

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