129: 10 Common Side Hustle Mistakes to Avoid

During the course of my side hustle journey, I have learned a lot.  I was a sponge in the beginning and am still learning as I go along.  I am by no means an expert, but I have become aware of some trends among new and aspiring entrepreneurs.  Since I haven’t done a survey recently, I am not sure where you are as listeners in your journey. So these mistakes that I talk about really apply to various stages of the entrepreneurial journey.  For the sake of clarity, I will do this in chronological order.

  1. Not validating the business idea
  2. Focusing on a business plan
  3. Unaware of the work involved
  4. Lack of resourcefulness
  5. Thinking you have a lack of support
  6. Not investing in your business
  7. Expecting too much from too little
  8. Focusing on the wrong results
  9. Not creating an online
  10. Poor marketing efforts


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