164: The Bright Side

Although the prospect of changing careers can be fearful, there are also a lot of things to look forward to.  This week, I decide to highlight some of the positive changes I expect to achieve once I escape the cubicle.

Things I will no longer have to deal with:

  • Long Commutes – Road Rage – Bad Drivers
  • Getting up early because of my morning commute
  • Public Bathrooms
  • Cleaning up behind adults
  • Unhealthy food temptations

Things I am looking forward to:

  • New Opportunities
  • New Connections
  • New Experiences


Books mentioned

Wow! Why Didn’t I think of That?: Over 100 Unique & Interesting Businesses to Jump Start Your Business Idea Brainstorm by Millicent Perry

Slay The Introvert Way: A Woman’s Guide To Seeing Her Value, Finding Her Voice, and Getting Ahead by Danielle Dupree