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2: Side Hustling with Dominic “Gen Y Finance Guy”

Guest: Dominic Gen Y Finance Guy Website: Twitter: genyfinanceguy “Humanize finance, build wealth and reach financial freedom”   In this episode you will learn: How he grew his blog from nothing to attracting over a 1000 visitors in less than 6 months. His financial strategies for accelerating his road to financial freedom   Quotables “One…

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104: A Day in the Life of a Side Hustler (Anniversary Episode)

  April 6, 2016 marks the 1 year anniversary (podversary) of my podcast.  I can easily remember the angst I felt leading up to this moment 1 year ago.  I finally had the courage to launch my podcast.  I had done some interviews and was on my way to my first conference.  My biggest concern…

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