What I learned from my failed challenge

Since the beginning of the year, if not earlier – I’ve had the desire to do a money making challenge.  I know how important it is to generate revenue as a side hustler and know that making money is a hot topic.  I put it off for several months while I focused on other content.  However, I eventually decided to do it (Side Hustle Money Challenge) and boy did I learn a lot.
So as you have probably guessed, I did not reach my goal of $500.  Honestly, I would have preferred reaching my goal.  Failing is not fun, but it is a great teacher.  I didn’t expect to learn as much about myself as I did, but am grateful non the less.  Here are a few keys lessons:
I didn’t have an established or effective system for promoting my products
For the most part, I have been able to sell my t-shirts randomly.  You can call it luck or true passive income, because I never did a lot of marketing.  However, when trying to reach an income goal – the passive approach to marketing does not work.  Although I realized this, I didn’t have a system in place.  I was basically starting from scratch and trying to build momentum.  Since there is not such thing as an overnight success, this was an uphill battle.  Some of the hurdles included:
  • Creating social media graphics
  • Crafting compelling social media messages
  • Promoting my products on social media regularly
  • Manually posting to Instagram regularly
I didn’t focus my goal
The other thing that I realized during this process is that I would easily get distracted.  I was used to releasing a design and moving on to the next thing.  I didn’t spend enough time promoting anything.  I have long heard that it’s 20% content and 80% promotion – yet my behavior was the exact opposite.  I had to work on the next podcast episode, next email or next t-shirt idea.  This is something that I realized, thanks to my new planner.  I had wrote down my goals and then forgot about them.  However, when I looked at my planner again, it would remind me to shift my focus.  Here are some of the hurdles I encountered:
  • Forgetting about my goal
  • Starting on other projects
  • Not completing “top priority” tasks in advance
At the end of the day, I was trying to do too much.  I had too many balls in the air.  I needed to focus on One Thing (thats I why I recently downloaded the audiobook by Gary Keller).  The truth hurts and the only way to get over failure is to keep pushing.   So, for the month of August, my goal is to complete the T-Shirt Course.  So here are a few rules that I have set for myself for the month of August:
  1. Study how to create a great course
  2. Work on my content for the course and promotional content
  3. Delegate tasks to my VA as needed
  4. No new t-shirt designs or promotions
  5. Complete 75% of “top priority” content for the month of August
 By sharing this failure, I hope that it will be beneficial to someone.  Hope you have a great August.

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