How to Grow Your Home-Based Business with Pokemon Go

How to Grow Your Home-Based Business with Pokemon Go

This game is barely 2 weeks old and Pokemon Go has taken the world by storm.  When I first heard about it, my first thought was “I don’t have time for this.”.  My next thought was “How can I make money with this?”  So before you pass judgment on the latest fad, take a moment to open your mind and consider the possibilities.

For those of you who may not be familiar with the game, Zack Miller did a great job of explaining it and some of the key features in his blog post “How Your Business Can Profit From Pokemon.”  However, as I began to research the game, I realized that brick and mortar businesses have the greatest opportunity to benefit from the Pokemon craze.  Since I don’t have a brick and mortar business, I have thought of a few ways other businesses can get in on the action.


First things first, you need to download the game.  This will help you identify where the popular attractions are and if they are nearby.  This will allow you to plan out a strategy.  You also want the ability to set up a Lure if necessary.  (see Zack’s blog for details)

As mentioned in Zack’s blog post, this game is all about location.  If you are hosting or attending an event, you can use the Pokemon game to attract people.  Let’s say you are a personal trainer and you teach boot camp classes in the park.  You can purchase a 30 minute Lure to attract people to your location.   You can pass out business cards and offer discounts based on what level a person has achieved in the game.  Let’s say you are hosting a MeetUp for your business.  It’s free and open to the public.  You can set up a Lure to attract people and offer small refreshments.  You can also do this if you are a vendor at an event and want to attract people.  You can even do this for a yard sale.  The possibilities are endless.

Pop-Up Shop
If you have a product based business, you may want to consider setting up a pop-up shop.  Pick a popular place, bring a table and your products.  There is one thing to consider, before you get started.  If you want to do this in a public area, you may need a license from the city – so be sure to do your research.  As a work around, you can consider partnering with a local brick & mortar business to set up a pop-up shop at their location.  This way, you both benefit from the extra foot traffic.  And if you sell food, you must bring samples.  Pokemon Go players need to keep their energy up!

Pop-Up Booth
If you don’t have physical products, but sell a service instead – you can consider setting up a pop-up booth.  Instead of selling stuff, you are giving away stuff, like promotional materials.  For example, you can buy a box of snacks from the local Costco and staple your business cards to them.  Or, you can offer small bottles of cold water with your business card attached.  This option would be ideal for consultants, coaches and freelancers.  While you may not attract a lot of people within your target market, you can always ask the Pokemon Go players for referrals.

If you have a service-based business that allows you to offer an in-person demo, you can attract an audience with Pokemon Go.  By showcasing your skills for all to see, you can explain your techniques and offer helpful tips.  This is your chance to be in the spotlight and prove that you deserve their business.  By seeing the demonstration in person, it cements this experience in a persons memory.  They will be more likely to remember you the next time they are in need of your services.  Here are a few examples of businesses that can take advantage of the Pokemon Go phenom:

  • Performers
  • Photographers
  • Make Up Artists
  • Mobile Detailing
  • Personal Trainers
At the end of the day, this game is giving you an opportunity to connect with potential clients and customers face to face.  When you don’t have a brick and mortar business, this is hard to do.  This is your chance to switch things up a bit and build relationships within your community.  Last, but certainly not least – have fun with it.  Good Luck!

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