My Top Cubicle Coping Resources

A whopping 87% of American workers are unengaged.  This means the majority of employees that show up for work, really don’t want to be there.  This struggle can be really tough, especially for those of us who are committed to escaping cubicle captivity.  However, walking around bitter about your situation does nothing to change it.  So during episode 128, I shared 8 cubicle coping tips with you.  As I mentioned in the episode, there are a ton of resources to support you during this transformation.  Therefore, I decided to write a blog post to share some of my favorite resources with you.

  1. Meditation
    1. Oprah and Deepak Chopra – These used to be free, but it does not appear that they are free anymore.
    2. Headspace App – Free trial and monthly subscriptions available.
    3. Calm App – Free and monthly subscriptions available.
    4. Breathe App – Free and paid guided meditations.
    5. Breathe App for Apple Watch – Free with watchOS 3 upgrade
  2. Affirmations
    1. Miracle Morning Bonuses – Free with email sign up
    2. Unique Daily Affirmations Free App – Free with ads
  3. Exercise
    1. Nike Training Club App – Its free and offers a variety of workouts based on your workout goals.
    2. 30 Day Fitness Challenges – Just google it and pick a workout
  4. Spiritual Development
    1. The Bible
    2. Bible Study Guides – Available at your local Christian bookstore
    3. The Secret App – Free, offers daily readings and will send you a reminder
  5. Personal Development
    1. Books – Free at your local library or pay if you want to own the book
    2. Podcasts – Free on iTunes, Google Play and other apps
  6. Humor
    1. Podcasts – Free on iTunes, Google Play and other apps
    2. Pandora – Free and allows you an create stations based on your favorite comedians
    3. YouTube – Free and offers longer exerts from stand up performances
  7. Music
    1. Pandora – Free and allows you to create stations based on your favorite artists
    2. iPod/MP3 Player – Create a playlist of your favorite songs
    3. YouTube – Free and offers longer exerts from live and recorded performances
  8. Accessories
    1. – Tees, cups, cell phone cases and more.
    2. Mantrabands – I don’t have any, but love the idea.
  9. Cubicle Decor (Bonus)
    1. Marshalls
    2. TJ Maxx
    3. Crocker Barrel Old Country Store
    4. Barnes and Noble

While I have listed my favorites, there are so many other options that aren’t listed.  Surely you will create your own list based on your personal preferences.  If you have some suggestions, leave a comment below.  As we all make an effort to transition into an attitude of gratitude, I wish you good luck.  You are not alone, the Escape Tribe is here to cheer you on.