11: From 7 Cents To Success With Manwell Clark


Manwell Clark


phone # 972-290-4707

email: info@chvisions.com

What You Will Learn

  • Four things you should consider before launching your business
  • How Manwell uses his job skills in his business
  • The importance of S.P.E.E.D. in developing your business
  • How he bounced back from having just 7 cents in the bank


“Two people competing over time will become a team.”
“You have to get educated on what you are doing.”
“You might have the best widget on the block, but if they can’t trust you, they are not going to do business with you.”
“If you never fail, you will never go forward in life.”
“I don’t see why people aren’t more afraid of being let go than, not being afraid of doing what they want to do.


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