19: Hatch and Grow Your Business w/ Zack Miller


Zack Miller is the founder of Hatch.  In addition to offering over 150 local events, Hatch offers entrepreneurship programs to help you launch and grow your business.

website: www.hatchnorfolk.com

email: zack@hatchnorfolk.com

Twitter and Facebook: zackmiller84

Free coffee meetup every Tuesday at 111 Granby St. Norfolk, VA

Highlights from this episode

  • How he identified a missing piece to the entrepreneurial landscape in his local area
  • What Zack thinks about Shark Tank
  • How crowdfunding validates your business concept
  • The most common challenge he encounters working with aspiring entrepreneurs


“Ideas are cheap, it is all about execution.”
“You want to be a millionaire, well you have to make a dollar first.  If you can’t make a dollar, you can’t make a million dollars.”
“There is no gimmick to a successful business.”
“When good things happen, stay humble.”

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