23: Letting Freedom Ring w/ Siedah Mitchum

siedah mitchumSiedah Mitchum is a website designer and a woman on a mission.  As the host of the Freedom Biz Podcast, she empowers women by sharing the journeys of successful women entrepreneurs.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • The situation that prompted her to pursue her business full time
  • How Siedah grew her side hustle into her main hustle
  • What advise she would give a new entrepreneur
  • How entrepreneurship forced her outside of her comfort zone
  • How she found her voice


“I love the feeling of their success.”
“I did not realize how much self development it takes to run your own business.”
“Start with your website and use all of the social media platforms to bring traffic back to your website.
“The biggest thing about your website is that you own everything.”
“You can show up how you want to and the way you want to.”


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