9: Building a 6 Figure Business With Brendan Hufford

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Brendan Hufford




You will learn:

  • The biggest lessons Brenden has learned as an entrepreneur
  • How Brenden connected the dots backwards to help create the next phase of his business
  • How Brenden grew his  six-figure online business while working full-time as an educator


“I think that there are certain things that people can outspend you on, but there are certain things you can’t buy.”
“One thing you can’t buy is engagement.”
“As entrepreneurs, we are so tempted to be head down with bringing money in, but we don’t look at how money goes out.”
“I thought I needed a job to feel safe.”

Books Recommendations

Crush It!: by Gary Vaynerchuk
The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho
Live It! by Jareik Robbins

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