81: Living a Life of Service w/ Luis Congdon

luis congdon

Luis Congdon

Luis Congdon is a thriving podcaster with two online businesses. Using networking and podcasting, in a period of 10 months Luis managed to go from broke and sleeping on couches to making over $10k in one month. He’s been in featured in Chicago Tribune, Huffington Post Live, JP Morgan and many other publications. His methods work for anyone – small businesses and big business. With clients ranging from UFC Heavyweight Chamption Bas Rutten to new business owners Luis has found great success in helping others find success online and make money fast. If you’d like to podcast, grow your business and use online to scale and grow your revenue Luis is your go-to-guy. 



During this episode, Luis shares:

  • How he went from sleeping on a friend’s couch to building a successful business
  • How he tested the marked for his business using Facebook groups
  • His tips for landing big name guests for your podcast



“Selling is a form of service.”

“The words that you speak are the world you live.” Hafez



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