130: TBS – Monetizing in a Non-Spammy Way

The T-Shirt Biz Series – Part 1

At the heart of the upcoming “The T-Shirt course” is the premise that you can monetize your content in a non-spammy way.  You are probably a late comer to this online business stuff like I am.   You’ve heard about people who are making money with blogging, podcasting and YouTube videos.  You decide to take a shot at it and realize that it is not as easy as it sounds.  Or maybe you aren’t comfortable with the common monetization options that others tend to gravitate to.  During this episode, we are going to talk about the “Feel Good Way” to Monetize your content.

The Feel Good Way

  1.  Sell your own stuff
  2. People buy you
  3. Much easier to promote
  4. People are hip to the game
  5. You know you earned it


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