86: The Biggest Mistake New Entrepreneurs Make

biggest mistakes
Episode Summary
When you think about starting a business or pursuing a side hustle, it is easy to become overwhelmed.  You have to think about what you want to do, the time investment, how much is it going to cost, what’s the legal setup going to be, how to I set up a website, which social media platform should I be on, how do I attract customers and make money.  So if you weren’t overwhelmed before, you probably are now.
The idea came about because I was having a conversation with one of my informal coaching clients.  She is an amazing writer and she does not know where to start.  Like many of you, she is thinking about all of the things I mentioned previously.
The one things that we waste too much energy on is the details.  The small minute issues of starting a business.
What is the very first think that we focus on when we decide to start a business?  A business name.  I am not saying that its not important, but it is not important right now.  Then we start designing business cards on vista print.  Raise you hand if you have some old, unused vista print business cards still in the original box.  If you are tech savvy, you have bought a domain name and set up your website.  We do this because we  have been told that you have to look the part.  Fake it until you make it, right.  Wrong.  None of that stuff is important right now.  The one thing about us as humans, we tend to change our minds more than we change socks.  So what happens is, you spend countless hours on the details, only to lose interest a few weeks later.  Trust me, I know.  I have done this a few times.
I may have shared this story before, I will tell it for those who may not be familiar with it.  Like I said earlier, I have done this a few times.  The most recent experience started back in 2014.  I had an idea for a business that focused on local food industry.  I’m like a recovering foodie and thought that this type of business would be right up my alley.  I came up with a name, bought a website and got a logo designed.  I started doing my research and creating a database to house all of the information that I located.  The goal was to create a blog to support online traffic.  However, when it came time to write about food, I had absolutely no interest in the topic.  Now some of your may think of these experiences as a waste of time.  They are only a waste, if you continue to repeat it.  However, if you use it as a learning experience, then it was not a waste at all.  That process helped me realize that while I enjoy food, it was not something that I wanted to focus on every day.  I didn’t enjoy the process of building the business.  And if I didn’t enjoy the process, I certainly would not enjoy the business.  After all the goal is to Design The Life You Want, not create another job.
So don’t focus on the details, focus on the experience.
There are some questions that you do want to answer, right now.  Like, do I like doing this?  Is this something that I can see myself doing everyday?  What do I like most and what so I like least about this?  The reasons why you want to ask these questions now is because the answers will determine how long you stick with this idea.  It will give you the time you need to make adjustments or abandon ship before you spend a dime.
Forget about how everything looks.  Forget about the set up.  Just start doing.


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